Olivier Derycke

Set on Investment

I worked on during my career with Louvre Hotels, Korian and now Set on Invest.

Firstly, we deployed a centralized PMS/CRS with an integrated database rolled-out on 700+ hotels.
This Architecture allowed us, on top of dynamic inventory Mgt, to be the first ones to develop online check-in and check-out on budget hotels segment.
It benefited to our regular customers as they could manage on line their hotel preferences such like choosing on a floor plan the room they desired, setup their stay preferences in term of aroma ambiance, colors etc...

We also worked on services automation such as "virtual concierge services" in order to support our guests, digital F&B order, virtual assistant ...

In my current position, more on the "investment side", I do actively work on all technologies which would allow to fully automate all hotel processes (maintenance for example) and then make that the employees in the properties can focus their attention to clients as being hosts.

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