Mark James


Mark is a Senior Partner and head of a portfolio of businesses that are leading the way with innovative products & services to solve environmental problems and improve business performance.

With over 20 years’ experience in designing sustainability into technology, Mark is leading a team that’s committed to assisting businesses develop sustainable operations through the adoption of a Circular Economy approach. A strong advocate of the Circular Economy, Mark insists that going circular is no longer a cost or disruption; the Circular Economy has now become an opportunity to implement sustainability focused solutions for a new and better way of doing business. Mark is delighted to introduce Stopblox at this year’s show, a product that’s a real Circular Economy product.

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The Hidden costs of FOG

Despite the costs of grease equipment and the use of ‘fat digesters’ foodservice businesses continue to suffer the unnecessary expense and risks of blocked drains, odour and hygiene problems caused by Fat, Oil & Grease. The growing prevalence of FOG as an environmental and economic problem has led to a significant growth in the availability and use of Biological FOG treatments, often described as fat digesters. What is ‘natural Biological’ and do fat digesters work? The description “Fat Digester” is misleading, as the majority if not all products do not actually digest fat, they simply break it down allowing it to flow away; FOG remains undigested and accumulates again in kitchen pipework and causes blockages downstream in drains. Mark discusses shortcomings in the performance of ‘fat digesters’ blowing the froth off some optimistic marketing claims. How do you know that your fat digester is working as promised?
Are they value for money? Mark will clear-up the bacteria & enzyme sales jargon to assist foodservice businesses in making more informed purchase decisions to stopping blockages cause by FOG
Hear how Stopblox, the most effective and fit-for-purpose biological treatment on the market, stops FOG build-up, prevents blockages and reduces costs; also hear about Fogcheck, a new service to enable foodservice businesses make more informed and effective purchase decisions to reduce costs, and minimise the legal, financial, Health & Safety, environmental & reputational risks of FOG.