Jim Hourihan

Hotel Compliance

I’ve been in business for 35 years and have accumulated a portfolio of warehouses, shops and holiday accommodation. With several staff to look after I use the Hotel Compliance software which I’ve had tailored to my specific requirements.

Let me say quickly that it works.

It saves time, money, ensures work is carried out properly and keeps me compliant. It’s one thing for staff to say they’ve carried out a particular task without having done so, however it’s another thing for them to put their name to a legal document. The Hotel Compliance software has more benefits than it was originally designed for but the important thing is it keeps you compliant in a much more efficient manner than you can imagine.

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Be Compliant, Stay Compliant… It’s Easy!

Can I ask you as an audience to be involved in this little exercise and just give a listening ear for 5 minutes… WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!