Helge Tiainen

InCoax Networks AB

Product & Marketing Director
A business and technology expert in the ICT field with involvements in more than 40 ICT companies during the past 15 years covering financing, business development, organization development and turn-around management. Before that 9 years at Nokia in different senior executive positions in Consumer Electronics covering solutions for home communications, mobile devices and displays.
He is also The Chair of Access Working Group in the MoCA Alliance.

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Reuse existing TV network for Internet services

In principal every hotel have a coaxial network for TV distribution. Now with the entrance of Smart-TV services are moving over to the Internet. The existing TV can today support symmetrical 100 Mbit services and in near future gigabit services without installing a new data network. The presentation will cover technical issues, installation and hotels who are already using the coaxial network for room WiFi, Smart-TV and IPTV services.