Ankit Mehrotra


Ankit Mehrotra is a start-up and tech enthusiast with special interests in understanding customer behaviour across the web and mobile. He co-founded Dineout in early 2012 and it is currently the Largest Table Reservation Service in India.

Before starting Dineout, he lived in London for 10 years and worked for 7 years with BNP Paribas in London in various divisions including Investment Banking & Wealth Management managing a portfolio of UHNWI while also studying for the CFA charter, which he obtained in 2011 and is a current charter holder.
He is the winner of the Education UK Alumni Awards 2016 and received the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Dineout’s flagship product is inResto, a comprehensive solution that helps restaurants to recognise their customers, personalise their offering and re-engage with their customers. InResto combines proprietary software and hardware to deliver a solution that computerises restaurant host-stand operations and replaces traditional pen-and-paper reservation books. It acts as a middle layer for the restaurant and connects the front desk to the POS system.

The system also connects a restaurant with various services across the food-tech ecosystem. inResto provides one dashboard to manage everything from table reservations, home delivery, takeaways, customer feedback, mobile payments, and loyalty programs.

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As a modern age Restaurateur, you are swamped with multiple technology solutions to;

- Manage customers who visit your restaurant
- Manage loyalty programs
- Manage e-menu's
- Manage multiple payment methods
- Manage daily POS reports
- Manage multiple delivery platforms
- Manage feedback from multiple channels
The list goes on and on and on...

And then, the nightmare begins when you try to make sense of all the data being generated in multiple formats by multiple sources. Shouldn’t ONE integrated solution take care of generating insights and save the restaurateur’s precious time? Shouldn’t technology work to make the restaurateur's life simpler instead of him/her struggling through multiple platforms and reports on a daily basis?