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15 & 16 June 2021


Considerate Hoteliers

Considerate Hoteliers is a company that helps hospitality businesses to enhance the viability of their companies, protect the environment and enrich stakeholder relationships. The Con-Serve™ sustainability data management system, by Considerate Hoteliers, helps hospitality businesses to increase NOP, whilst minimising their environmental impact.

Con-Serve™ is enabled by a dynamic technology platform that has been tailored to capture data material to the hospitality industry, including electricity, heat, water, waste, travel and laundry, which can be correlated to rooms occupancy and food covers. Con-Serve™ can be used across single or multi-site operations, globally.

Under the leadership of Xenia zu Hohenlohe and Benedetta Cassinelli since 2012; the company has evolved to offer sophisticated, sustainable solutions beyond basic membership, such as Con-Serve™, CSR advisory services, bespoke workshops and specific corporate environmental reporting.

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