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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Honeywell Introduces a new Voice-Ready Thermostat into Their Hotel

The Inncom e7, the next-generation thermostat, has been launched in Honeywell! This enterprise-grade environmental control and energy-management product uses Amazon Alexa voice control in order to operate room temperature, lighting, drapery and amenities services.  

The e7 is incredibly easy to operate and provides hotel staff with a reliable back-up of the device configuration through it’s patent-pending smart wall-plate design. This design simplifies routine maintenance and replacement fixtures and also helps reduce ownership costs.

The thermostat’s guest-centric user interaction will be able to detect a guest’s proximity and will display personalised information for customised guest interaction. The e7 thermostat is incredibly user-friendly and its user interface has easy-to-understand controls for guest room functions.


The e7 can also integrate with other forms of technology including Intelity and Crave, meaning guests can control their entire guestroom environment - such as smart TVs and video-on-demand boxes - from just a tablet!


Guestroom voice functionality can also be controlled with other partner companies including Volara, which is an integrated voice hub for hotel technologies. Volara is also working with 25 other hotel groups, allowing thousands of guests and staff to control certain hotel operations by voice activation.


Volara CEO Dave Berger, commented on their new partnership with Honeywell, saying “our solution fuses perfectly with Honeywell’s thermostat. Guests and staff will be able to control the thermostat, lights, drapery as well as other hotel technology. Volara provides the voice interface for their thermostats and this combination delivers a winning experience that is simply outstanding.”


The e7 thermostat can collaborate with all other property-management systems within the hotel, creating an effortless solution for ultimate guest comfort and energy savings. When rooms are in use, the thermostat allows guests to personalise their rooms. And while the rooms aren’t being used, the e7 will automatically set the room back to the assigned room temperature until the PMS signals a guest has checked in.


Staff will also be able to monitor the room status, and the e7 will display energy management analysis, and alert staff to any equipment malfunctions. This system helps members of staff manage each guestroom individually, meaning staff will be able to provide guests with the ultimate service and guest experience. Plus, staff will be able to schedule rotas and job roles much more efficiently too!


The e7 is not just confined to operations inside the guestroom, the thermostat can also provide backhaul network communication for applications including central electronic lock systems, guest amenities and minibars.