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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


New ChoiceEDGE Global Reservations System to be used in Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels International has announced they will be now be using choiceEDGE, which is the first global reservation system created by a hotel brand in over 30 years. 6,500 Choice properties around the world are already supported by the distribution platform. 

ChoiceEDGE is a cloud-based system that will help control the current and future volume in their digital channels. It also manages all distribution for Choice Hotels, which will optimise rates as well as their inventories, shopping, availability, booking and reservations for their mobile apps, website and third-party distribution partners. 

This project has been created by the Choice Hotels’ technology innovation team and is a real triumph and turning point for the company and president and CEO Pat Pacious. 

 When Pat announced the investment in 2017 during their Q3 earnings call, he said “Choice handles more the $7 billion transactions, so to deal with this we have decided to try and advance our usage of cloud computing, data analytics and mobile, as the future of our business is reliant on it!”

 “The interest in shopping requests and digital travel sales has increased rapidly within the last 10 years. The bog standard hotel reservation system is not able to handle the sheer volume of transactions we see today in the digital age,” said Pat, “choiceEDGE uses cloud computing and big data analytics to help us deliver quality value to franchisees and guests alike. We are now able to create the intuitive guest experiences guests desire and can provide data-driven, holistic solutions to increase our franchisees’ efficiencies and also throughout our entire value chain.” 

 The choiceEDGE platform’s key components are flexibility, scale and speed to market. The choiceEDGE system will be able to support its expanding system size and its multichannel distribution and mobile strategies through Choice Hotels’ continuing growth in the upscale and midscale segments. 

 “ChoiceEDGE perfectly showcases just how progressive, talented and innovative Choice Hotels is, because we have the ability to mirror any leading technology incubator,” said Brian Kirkland, VP of engineering at Choice Hotels. “ChoiceEDGE allows us to strengthen our core capabilities, and also allows us to capitalise on the growth our industry is currently experiencing.”

So far, Choice Hotels has onboarded multiple distributors onto their advanced platform. Traci Mercer, SVP, global lodging, ground and sea, Sabre Travel Network, said “choiceEDGE is helping Choice Hotels and Sabre gain seamless distribution of the broad and rich content for all our current and future buyers.”