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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


FastPoint highlight their services in railway stations

Since Q4 2017, FastPoint spots are available in several Railway stations in France.

Thanks to FastPoint Video/Magasines/newspapers on demand service, people crossing railway stations in France can now download a full set of digital contents in less than a minute.

It is a way for French Railway stations operator to bring Digital value added services into public transportations.

It can also benefit brands or events organizers, communicating directly or through their communication agency.

Fastpoint brings a user experience that integrates to Railway stations operator marketing strategy and global communication.

About the solution ?

where a Fastpoint spot is deployed, a full catalog of digital contents is available into this specific area.

Depending on customer expectations, the catalog of contents can be customized on request, in order to reflect users profils (business, tourists,..).

Available to end users through ultra-high bandwidth Wi-Fi, a full length movie downloads into the smartphone/tablets in less than a minute.

Some contents of the catalog can be offered/subzidised to users or available through payment.

Once downloaded into the smartphone/tablets, the movie can be viewed anywhere (in the hotel room or the SPA, the taxi or the airplane).

What is the user journey ?

After a simple connection to FastPoint spot available around, a movie is downloaded in the device in 3 steps :

- download Fastpoint app

- browse the local catalog and download in less than a minute

- Here we are, the movie is in your pocket, ready to be taken everywhere

Fastpoint is the only entertainement service as fast as streaming and as convenient as donwload.

With Fastpoint, the video-on-demand experience is now simple and fast, and without any consumption of your cell phone data plan.

For more information and to watch the video, head over the website now.