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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


A big boostto search engine rankings with VR

On November 1st, the Hotel Piet Hein added VDroom’s free VR pages to their website. This gave them a giant lift in their SEO rankings, and helped them bring in more targeted traffic to their hotel’s website in little more than a month. 

For example:

- They improved their hotel’s search engine rankings by 10-23 positions for various keywords

- Their images are now a part of Google Maps, Google Images, Google+, Facebook and YouTube

- And views of their 360-images have increased by an average of 25% weekly

About the solution:

- VDroom’s solution is different from all other VR solutions for a few key reasons:

- There’s no app to download

- You don’t need a developer to set anything up

- Implementation is 1 business day

- People can enjoy these VR pages from any browser, whether they have VR goggles, Cardboard, mobile, tablet or regular screens

- This is the only solution developed for the hospitality industry by a team with deep roots in the industry

- The solution also has an optional booking engine integration, so people can book from within the VR experience, as you can see in the picture, below.

Why is VR such a powerful SEO tool?

Google is rewarding VR content in its search engine ranking, for 2 reasons:

Google says VR creates greater engagement. “When a viewer feels like they are there, they have a greater sense of the situation. Messages become more impactful.” 

A greater user experience is driving demand. According to Google data, “global search interest for virtual reality on Google has grown by nearly 4X in the last year.” 

So rewarding VR content with higher search rankings is the natural path for Google because those are the best results for an ever-growing number of people.

Of this trend, Michal Hubschmann, CEO of VDroom, says that, “VR helps people dream about your property. And the more they dream, the more they book direct. That’s why we invite hotels to try our basic service for themselves. It’s free. And that way they’ll be able to experience the results for themselves.”

Seeing is believing

Just scan this code, right, to experience the Hotel Piet Hein tour for yourself.

To increase your revenues with more targeted traffic to your website, just sign up for a free VR connection at: VDroom