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26 & 27 NOV 2019


Four Seasons launch chat service for guests

Four Seasons Chat has been officially launched by the world-renowned Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. It is a new digital service allowing guests to send and receive instant messages with the hotel’s property teams for duration of their stay, as well as before and after. 

The Four Seasons Chat utilises technology to provide a more personal approach to their business, as this new technology enables all guests to access this service on the phone or tablet 24/7. Guests can message the hotel through many different channels, including; Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SMS and the Four Seasons App. Now the hotel can create personalised hospitality experiences through a seamless conversation. 

In a statement Christian Clerc - president of worldwide operations at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts - said: “the most integral part of the Four Seasons guest experience is human connection”.  

“We are always looking for new ways to improve our guest services and are constantly trying to integrate digital advancements that can be powered solely by our guests and staff. This helps build personal connections and ensures we meet and exceed our guests expectations and needs every single day” he added. 

The Chat can translate more than 100 languages instantly, and can also inform staff of a new message straight away through audio and visual cues; meaning every message is replied to in no time!

The hotel chain tested the Chat in 30 hotels, and according to their results more than 50% of guests who were introduced to the Chat used it on the first day of their stay. Their results also showed that guests used the Chat to communicate with staff more than six times during the stay, which is over double the industry average. 

By the end of 2017, the Four Seasons Chat will be installed in 72 hotels and 19 residences, and the hotel hopes to have this new technology within all Four Seasons properties by the end of 2018. 

Image Source: Four Seasons