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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Pyramid Computer: latest QSR order kiosks, guest localization system and more...

polytouch® 32 passport - Ideal for order input queue busting and table service

The bespoke order terminal, polytouch® 32 passport, can be equipped with a thermal printer, 2D scanner, chip & pin payment device, NFC reader and an automatic puck-dispenser. The automatic puck-dispenser unit accommodates the storage, charging and distributing of the pucks for the Pyramid Localisation System (PLS). PLS enables accurate table service for QSR outlets.

The small footprint and the minimal installation depth as well as its various mounting options (wall-mount/single or double version on a pedestal) of the self-service kiosk allows flexible use. Each kiosk solution is unique and will be built to customers’ requirements, coordinating perfectly with its brand design, and with all necessary security certificates and approvals.

Another key feature of this self-order terminal is the unique plug & play PC-Box, which requires only one cable for the entire system. The video signal reaches the screen via a plug-in card, which eliminates the need for additional cabling at this point. The configurable PC-Box can be equipped with Intel® CoreTM i3-i7 processors.

To make the order kiosk visually unique, it can be covered with a wood panelling.

polytouch® 24 one wave - Ideal for Check in and Check out including card or cash payment

polytouch® 24 one wave is the ultimate cash-enabled kiosk for any check in/check out process in the hospitality sector. Thanks to its small footprint and elegant design it’s the ideal solution for hotels, bars or clubs.

The standard version has a thermal printer and a 2D barcode scanner included. Additional peripherals like magnetic stripe reader, RFID/NFC, EFTs are available on request. The highlights are an optional card dispenser/recycler and a cash recycling system: The card dispenser unit stores up to 1000 smart cards and it is able to print them and/or fill them with data via RFID or magnetic stripe reader/writer. The cashbox includes coin and note handling devices, which is available for different currencies.

polytouch® 32 curve

The stand-alone-terminal, polytouch® 32 curve, has a space saving, elegant and ergonomic design for a comfortable operation. Despite to its small footprint, the pedestal provides a secure and stable platform to present content optimally even in the case of limited floor space. The cable duct runs through the stele hiding any cables for power and data. Its 32" Full HD touch screen in portrait mode is based on the PCAP technology with up to 10 simultaneously detected touch points.

Pyramids’ PC-Box with its snap-in technology is - invisible and protected by a flap – fixed behind the display. Thanks to Intel® CoreTM i3-i7 processors and almost freely configurable hardware, it offers incredible performance. The PC-Box communicates with the touch screen via a single connector and supplies the screen with power.

The special features are the various peripheral modules, such as USB port, camera, built-in microphone, 2D barcode-scanner or NFC reader, which can be placed in the display’s frame. An additional thermal printer as well as a scanner, can be also installed directly under the display, which makes this system unique.

Pyramid Localization System (PLS) - Ideal for table service in QSR outlets

The Pyramid Localization System (PLS) is a state of the art solution which utilises ultrasound technology. PLS has a level of accuracy which allows seat precise positioning in restaurants. It uses the near-ultrasound range (18 to 22 kHz), which means that also standard smartphones can be used as transmitters. For users who do not have a smartphone, or for low-cost applications, there is also the option of using mobile mini transmitters (pucks) dispensed by on-site kiosks.

The puck transmits ultrasound pulses to the receivers (installed, for example, in the ceiling); a comparison of the travel time of several receiver signals (TDoA) is then used to calculate the position. Infrastructure requirements are low: For a rectangular room with a surface area of 100 to 200 m2, approximately five PLS receivers are sufficient. The system is calibrated after installation, where the reference positions of the fixed receivers are established and stored in the system; the pucks can then be used without the need for calibration.

The active ultrasound process using mobile transmitters and fixed receivers, as used by PLS, has the superb positioning accuracy of just 15 cm for the best table service. Unlike RFID readers, a PLS puck can be placed anywhere on the table.

“The Restaurant Tech live provides Pyramid with the ideal opportunity to present our latest QSR kiosk solutions and innovative indoor localization system to the UK market,” commented Graeme Derby, Pyramid’s UK Country Manager. “The biggest challenge is to provide technology which improves the customer experience, which usually means self-service. Our high performance and attractive kiosks make this easier and encourage usage.” 

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