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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


New Hotel Classification Complements 5 Star Rating

Until now hotels were unable to show their guests that they were compliant in all aspects of health and safety but with the help of the Hotel Compliance software, they are now able to demonstrate compliance in real-time, updated every 24 hours and instantly viewable online simply by scanning a QR code. The Hotel Compliance company has created a new hotel classification that is enabling hotels to demonstrate they are always health and safety compliant and the new logo incorporates the three main facets of the classification: Global, Compliance, and 365 days of the year.

The new hotel classification:

The new 365 Global Compliance classification complements the 5 star quality rating system. Amenities and the quality of the amenities are much sought-after features by the tourist, but tourists, like governments, are becoming more aware of the importance of health and safety. They want to know if the hotel they’re staying at is safe in every aspect including food hygiene, fire safety standards and cleanliness. The 5 star rating doesn’t address health & safety and that’s why the new classification, “365 Global Compliance” is being featured extensively on the website. Now for the first time ever the technology, which has existed for some time, has been adapted in conjunction with the 365 Global Compliance software. The founders of Hotel Compliance provide simplified software tools to aid super-compliance in hotels with minimum effort.

Another great benefit to hotel owners is that the health and safety compliance tools provided, educate the front-line users, the cleaners, kitchen and laundry staff etc, making them aware of their health & safety responsibilities and obligations in all aspects of their duties. The need for extensive and expensive training courses would be reduced dramatically. Their compliance software also satisfies law agencies and Health & Safety governing bodies. Should a hotel inspector or auditor pay you an unannounced visit, your compliance and steps you’ve taken to remain compliant can be proven in an instant.

Anybody who it may concern can simply point the scanner on any phone at your unique QR Code and they will see in real time that your compliance obligations have been fulfilled. The 365 Global Software is under copyright and is being promoted worldwide to every hotelier who wants to make their establishment safer than ever before. With this added safety comes the most powerful tool in your marketing toolbox.


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