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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Digitizing hotel wedding sales / management for the modern couple

Bespoke Choice is a new innovative Wedding venue software built and designed by wedding venue professionals. The mission of Bespoke Choice is to increase sales for your wedding venues, increase revenue of each wedding, give your management clear insight into your wedding business and add an extra revenue stream collaborating with external vendors.

Increase your sale: our package creator tool allows you to showcase your wedding services in a graphical manor allowing every couple to tailor their bespoke package anywhere and at any time. It is designed in such a way that encourages couples to choose more than just the basic package and it acts as a 24/7 sales person for your hotel.

Facilitates the booking process from start to finish: we make your wedding management process seamless for you and your customers, with our wedding management tool our two way interface will facilitate your booking process from start to finish 

Targeted selling to increase upsell revenue: our system allows you to gain an insight into customer preferences and then uses targeted selling to capitalize on increasing revenue of each couple. We analyse information we gathered while customers go through the package creator process i.e. the selections they may want but decide not to go for. We will collect this information for you and with our tool you can easily target this particular item in a more attractive way to entice your customer and increase the customers overall spend.

Business intelligence: our BI tool for hotel managers will gain a deeper understanding of their wedding business and KPIs.

-  Live dashboard reports

-  Compare and validate wedding data 

-  Oversight of sales and non-sales

-  Review conversion rates 

New stream of revenue: with our system we will provide a new stream of revenue for your hotel. We will facilitate external vendor advertising through your Bespoke Choice account and you gain sales percentage on each booking. 

Bespoke Choice

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