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18 & 19 SEPT 2019



Gone are the days of pulling a small group into an office for a quick meeting. Rising real estate costs are increasing pressure to optimise space. Today’s standard workspace averages a little more than 190 square feet per person and could hit a mere 60 square feet in the next five years. But space reduction is just part of the story. There is also an increase in workplace collaboration. Companies are empowering their employees to work where, when and how they choose. The challenge for the hotel sector is how to offer meeting and conference facilities that are an attractive and viable option for this new style of corporate visitor.  

Technology is an important piece of the puzzle. Now quick collaboration involves finding an available meeting space and engaging face-to-face or through a video conference. And it needs to happen quickly and with technology that works as expected. 61% of millennials frequently use video conferencing technology as compared to just over 40% for preceding generations. (Burnham, 2016 in Huddle space design guide, Harman 2017).

These are not the complicated video conferencing systems of the past but Huddle spaces equipped with technology like the Harman Acendo family of collaborative meeting space solutions. Straight forward systems that offer one click Skype for Business meeting launches, intuitive document sharing, and pristine audio and crisp video images.

Expectations of video and audio quality are high, driven by the experiences of the technology in our own homes and pockets. An effective huddle space will match and even beat those expectations and crucially offer it in an easy to use package. A straight forward user interface that offers clear instruction will make the room user self-sufficient, and ensure the meeting runs efficiently, enhancing the user experience and encouraging productivity.

Offering corporate visitors access to spaces where they can enter the meeting room, click the touch-enabled room display and start the meeting is a powerful proposition and one that is increasingly becoming not just a nice to have but a clear requirement for conference and meeting spaces.

The potential for these meeting spaces when properly equipped is not just restricted to traditional closed meeting rooms but can also expand into informal, communal areas. The introduction of basic collaborative technology a tool to encourage visitors into bar and food service areas; enhancing the potential to grow discretional spending within those environments.

Harman’s Acendo Family of solution focuses on delivering the best possible experience with minimum input from the users. Acendo Core enables a room-user to connect and collaborate wirelessly. Share documents from a mobile device and make use of their chosen Unified Communications platform. The Acendo Vibe ensures the room user can see and hear effectively.

The changes in workplace design present a number of different opportunities for the hotel sector. The reduction in the availability of large meeting spaces within office buildings does mean that organisations have to look outside for areas large enough to bring everyone together in a physical rather than just a virtual environment. When people do need to travel, the ability to offer smaller but effective meeting spaces or informal areas equipped to accommodate technology can also influence the choice of overnight accommodation.

Whether providing large or small meeting spaces, the solution needs to be flexible, intuitive and able to offer the effortless collaboration expected in the modern workplace.

Pure AV is a leading audio visual integrator able to design and build scalable solutions matched to your application and budget. Visit stand 3102 to talk to the team at Pure AV about creating flexible collaboration solutions for your meeting and conference spaces.

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