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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


JustPark – Intelligent parking management

JustPark use award-winning technology and unique yield management techniques to drive ancillary revenue from car parking. Over 300 hotels across the UK (including Marriott, Hilton and Premier Inn) already use JustPark to maximise returns from their parking spaces.

Driving profits from parking spaces: maximise yield from your hotel car park

Finding sources of ancillary revenue is becoming increasingly important in the hotel industry. Ever-increasing competition and financial ups and downs have lead to mounting pressure on hoteliers to come up with innovative new ways to supplement room revenues.

One of the largest sources of potential income is your hotel car park. Parking can be a lucrative business for hotels - yet it is a revenue stream which remains largely untapped, despite being easy to profit from with the right solution.

Most hotels have spare spaces in their car park at off-peak times, or even the majority of the time if guests travel by other means. Similarly, car parking prices are rarely updated, with little focus on maximising the revenue from parking. Empty spaces are a missed opportunity - and yield from your car park should be managed just as closely as that from your rooms. 

An increasing number of hotels are now using JustPark to maximise their parking revenue. Using industry-leading technology and a unique data-driven approach, JustPark are experts in parking yield management - filling previously unused spaces with targeted marketing to a large user base, and driving higher returns from hotel car parks through dynamic pricing.

Over 300 hotels across the UK (including Marriott, Hilton, Premier Inn and Holiday Inn) use JustPark’s award-winning solution to manage their car parks more effectively - enjoying increased revenue and guest satisfaction as a result (with the service rated 96% by users).

By reaching 1.5 million users via its app and website, JustPark can fill hotel car parks easier than any parking operator. Hoteliers have total flexibility to accommodate any guest and staff requirements - including increased volume due to conferences and events.

JustPark’s dynamic pricing engine (winner of the British Parking Awards 2017) generates optimum daily rates based on demand - and increases hotel parking revenues by up to 100%. The flexible tariff system is easy to implement and managed by the JustPark team.

Case study: Renaissance Manchester

-  Increased revenue by 108%

-  Average customer rating 4.7/5

"We have worked with JustPark for a year - and right from the initial contact to planning and implementation, we have found the whole team helpful, professional and supportive. The partnership with JustPark has been key in driving additional revenues for our hotel."

- Cameron McNeillie, General Manager

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