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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


The Tower Residences at The Ritz Carlton chooses VIBEĀ®

A masterful blend of waterfront vistas, elegant architecture and unparalleled personal services, The Tower Residences at The Ritz Carlton resort in Sarasota, Florida are reminiscent of the splendor and elegance of Sarasota’s heritage. The newest addition of Residences, known as The Grande, builds upon the Ritz-Carlton tradition of elegant living. Private amenities include a rooftop pool, fitness centre and an owners’ lounge overlooking Sarasota Bay. 

Director of Facilities Jaro Gutknecht had tried various fragrance systems, yet he wasn’t impressed – he had found that they provided intermittent fragrance delivery and low fragrance coverage. Mr Gutknecht wanted something reliable that worked uniformly, that provided a pleasant fragrance and that wasn’t too overpowering. 

Mr Gutknecht says: “We had tried other systems in the past, mainly passive systems with fans, but none would work consistently. Some were strong in the beginning but wouldn’t last, and their fragrance coverage in terms of area was very small. I had given up looking for an effective solution because I truly could not find anything that would work successfully – that is, until I was introduced to VIBE® and VIBE® PLUS from Vectair Systems.”

Mr Gutknecht quickly recognised the potential of the unique VIBE® and VIBE® PLUS vibrating mesh fragrance technology. VIBE® and VIBE® PLUS do not use a wick to dispense liquid fragrance from a bottle. Instead, pure fragrance oil is delivered in reliable and precise quantities using patented vibrating mesh technology.

The Tower Residences installed two VIBE® dispensers filled with Cucumber Melon fragrance cartridges directly onto the walls in the communal hallways. One VIBE® PLUS dispenser filled with two Cucumber Melon fragrance cartridges was installed next to the air conditioning duct that fed through to The Tower Residences main lobby area. In this way, VIBE® PLUS is concealed from visitors’ view.

Impressed with the technology, Mr Gutknecht next evaluated the fragrance appeal. He wanted something light, fresh and clean, and was immediately drawn to Cucumber Melon. Delicate and rejuvenating, a delicate crush of cucumber with a calming melon creates a revitalising spa-like scent. 

Paul Wonnacott, Managing Director, Vectair Systems says: “VIBE® not only provides a pleasurable ambience, but with refills that last much longer, there is no need to service as often. VIBE® is also ultra-safe in use with a VOC exempt formulation, and contains no propellants, solvents or HFCs. It is almost silent in operation, and unlike 30 days for a typical aircare refill, VIBE® refill cartridges last up to 90 days with reliable and consistent fragrance from start to finish.

“VIBE® PLUS is intended for larger spaces – each VIBE® PLUS dispenser will fragrance an area of up to 3,400m3 (120,000ft3). It can be programmed to dispense fragrance for up to 180 days per cartridge, with two cartridges per dispenser. Two cartridges have the added benefit of enabling a blend of suited fragrances from one dispenser.”

Mr Gutknecht summarises: “We immediately saw, or should I say smelt, the benefits. The fragrance isn’t overpowering, but instead they receive a pleasant experience and an overall sense of freshness. Customers perceive the facility to be clean and fresh, which enhances the Ritz brand. 

“In terms of consistency, we have found that the fragrance strength on day 90 is the same as on day one. The coverage is excellent, and it truly enhances the senses as customers walk around the Residences. Safe to say, VIBE® and VIBE® PLUS have exceeded my expectations, and are both systems that I would recommend.”

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