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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Introducing the next generation of contactless door locks

With the ever-growing functionality of today’s mobile devices, more customers than ever expect the smart experience. Over 80% of the UK population own and regularly use a smartphone, with the biggest growth evident amongst senior citizens (source: Deloitte). Mobile Keys allows check-in to be conducted quickly, efficiently and autonomously without the need for any form of physical key. 

The user simply downloads the TLJ mobile app (Android or iOS) and registers with their email address. A secure ‘key’ is generated, valid for the duration of the guest’s stay. The ‘key’ is then encrypted and sent, via secure server, to the guest’s mobile device. Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol, the designated locks can then be opened with nothing more than a tap on a smartphone screen. 

For the guest this brings the benefits of not having to carry around a key or keycard, quick and easy access to rooms without the need for a formal check-in process, a high degree of convenience and security, and a cutting-edge hotel experience. 

The hotelier benefits from a more efficient front-of-house service, leading to reduced operational costs. The hotel’s image and guest perception can be enhanced, resulting in increased guest loyalty and a greater competitive edge.

Visit us on Stand 3100 for a live demonstration of our new Mobile Keys system. Open the lock and win one of several £25 Amazon Gift Cards – details on how to claim your unique key will follow nearer to the date of the show. And while you’re on the stand, enter our daily Free Prize Draw to win a Fitbit ‘Charge 2’ heart rate & fitness wristband!

Complementing TLJ’s new Mobile Key system is their range of contactless ‘RFID’ locks. A recent fit-out of the Hoar Cross Spa Hotel in Derbyshire is an excellent example of how their locks can enhance the aesthetics of a high-end property, whilst delivering a modern, flexible access control solution. 

Hoar Cross Hall is a luxury stately home retreat with hundreds of doors, thousands of keys and high staff turnover. TLJ installed various models of lock in a variety of styles and finishes to complement the hotel’s traditional décor. Applications included bedrooms, storage, treatment rooms, staff accommodation and back-of-house, as well as an integrated locker system for six changing rooms. Waterproof wristbands were provided to all guests upon check-in, storing access privileges for areas such as pools, saunas and locker rooms where keycards would be inappropriate. 

TLJ’s software was also fully integrated into Hoar Cross Hall’s PMS, providing a seamless guest management service. 

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