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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Manage guest room access from anywhere in the world.

Our client needed a thoroughly reliable keyless access system that put guests in control, but also gave the client complete oversight and management of guest access times and dates, as well as allowing technical staff and cleaners to be able to access apartments if and when necessary. All of this was to work remotely, with no requirement for an on-site presence. 

Working closely with our client, AccessIT Data developed a keyless solution to room and apartment access that shares unique pin-codes with guests, linked to the specific booking and access and departure times for that guest. The result - Semieta RemoteKey - enables hotels and guesthouses to do away with troublesome keys and cards, and uses remote allocation of pin-codes to individual guests, in real time, for immediate door or room access. 

RemoteKey uses internet linked keypads that work with individual door locks, which, when the software enabled pin-code is used, provide reliable and immediate access to rooms, day and night. The client simply creates arrival and departure times and dates from the guest booking, and then allocates a unique code that can be based on the guest mobile telephone number for convenience. This pin-code is then shared with guests either on arrival or beforehand.

AccessIT Ltd has dedicated install engineers and software support staff to ensure your project runs smoothly and on time and budget, and we pride ourselves on a detailed understanding of your needs. Our access control systems are used in hotels, stadiums and apartments across the country including the Berkeley Hotel and Arsenal Football Club’s Emirates Stadium. 

We are delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s Hotel Tech Show and to be represented by our founder and owner Ivor Saunders at the Hotel Tech Innovation Q&A seminar.

Semieta RemoteKey from AccessIT Data Ltd