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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Technology problems you need to avoid

A lack of knowledge revolving around the even the most simplistic technology in the hotel industry can lead to poor customer service. And today, no hotel owner can afford to provide a bad service, as guests will just pack up and head to the hotel next door. 

Do you even know if your online booking service working to the best of its ability? One fault on the server, can easily pass your business straight over to your competitors next door. 

Can you imagine the kind of disaster that would befell your business if your critical servers failed altogether? Thankfully, you can avoid situations such as these, by taking an interest and care into the management of technology within your hotel. By investing in 24/7 server management, you’ll have a full-time service guaranteed to ensure your operations are working smoothly. 

Below are listed the top reasons how 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your business servers can solve your major information technology problems. 

Data Theft and Security Breaches That Could Destroy Your Business

Research shows that the majority of businesses that have customer data stolen never re-open again. And of course, those that remain open have a huge amount of difficulty solving the problem. With a 24/7 server monitoring service you can avoid losing invaluable data, and sleep safe knowing your systems are being protected. 

Slow performance and crashes leading to poor customer service. 

These days, it’s very rare that a hotel checks guests in without using some form of technical system- and if you do, well, you are at increasing risk of falling far behind the technically advanced industry. 

In today’s on-demand economy, customers expect access to your business when it suits them. But what if you web server crashes when a customer is trying to book a room late at night on your website? Or what if your business servers are performing so slowly that your weekend team are unable to provide a good standard of customer service, check in guests, or access guest information?

No hotel business can afford a fault like this and damage their reputation. Hence why, with access to state-of-the-art server management 24/7/365, you’ll have experts on hand to ensure that your servers are up and running at their optimal best, no matter whether it’s the middle of the night, the weekend, or even a national holiday.

Complete Server Failures That Could Have Easily Been Resolved

It is noted that, most server failures aren’t caused by an unexpected, isolated incident. Rather, they’re the result of multiple smaller issues which go undetected. These issues build up to the point that they become unmanageable and ultimately take you offline. As part of business’ server support service, you’ll have 24/7 monitoring on hand to detect those small issues and get them fixed before they become a big problem.

Running out of storage capacity 

Even in an age of multi-terabyte hard drives and unlimited cloud hosting, managing storage space is still an issue for small hotels.

Unless this is managed effectively, running out of hosting space can slow productivity to a stand-still, effectively putting your entire operation on hold until it’s dealt with. However, outsourcing your server management means you’ll have specialists there to ensure you’ve always enough storage capacity to function at your best, without paying a premium for space that you just don’t need.

Cutting costs with technology 

Overspending on Server Maintenance and Repairs? Here’s How to Cut Costs Without Cutting Corners 

Are you constantly shelving out money to maintenance and repair companies and draining your finances? With a little information and simple understanding of the operations of the technology you have in your hotel, you could save a huge amount. Or even you could instantly reduce your service maintenance cost with a dedicated 24/7 management service. 

You should never compromise on top quality performance, it’s not a risk worth taking. Even the smallest of hotels, need some form of technology and management system for a smooth operation and to increase the guest experience. 

This is your time to discover the value of technology and innovation within the hospitality sector! It’s never been more relevant.