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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


3 Reasons Why Hotels Should Adopt Innovative Payment Solutions

Our lifestyles today revolve around the use of technology and customers typically begin their shopping or booking journey online. They rely on technology to find and book their hotel or holiday, and expect their payment experience to be just as tech-savvy.

Here are the 3 most important reasons why hotels should adopt cutting-edge payment solutions.

- Provide seamless guests’ experience across all channels

Customers love having freedom of choice, even when it comes to how and when to pay.  As a customer-centric business, hotels should provide them with the same frictionless and superior experience at the reception desk and online, when they pay by credit/debit cards or using their smartphone.

Fortunately, seamless customer journey is at the core of many digital payment solutions today. New generation payment platforms like myPOS offer the right set of tools to meet and exceed your guests’ expectations at every step of their journey.

With compact POS devices, which move the point-of-sale where the guest wants it, Virtual Terminal for taking MO/TO payments, advanced payment checkout and other online payment features (like Pay Buttons and Links), hotel businesses will be prepared to welcome each and every guest payment with grace and ease. 

 -   Reap the benefits of Omnichannel

Many hotel businesses have already found the new key to success, namely, the unification of online and offline sales channels in a way that provides guests with a consistent and unforgettable experience.

In short, making a booking online and paying for it should be as easy as doing it over the phone or at the reception. For small hotel owners, it may sound like a real challenge, but in reality, disruptive payment platforms like myPOS make it possible for small businesses to access hi-tech payment services at the most affordable market rates.

Platforms of this kind eliminate the need of working with multiple payment providers and take the burden out of keeping and managing funds separately. They make it easy to manage multiple sales channels and hotels, and get access to real-time business data and robust reporting onto one single platform.

- Value-adding services and Customer Loyalty programs

Loyalty and reward programs have been around for a while now, but the technological advancements have completely reimagined the initial concept.

Now, any business can accept payments and sell personalized GiftCards or Top-up prepaid services for the customers from the same POS device. This way, hotel businesses can create real value and forge loyal and long-term relationships with their guests, giving them more reasons to enjoy their stay.

Innovative payment solutions have arrived in the hotel industry and are here to stay. It is up to each hotel business to either leverage them and get competitive advantage or just be left behind.

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