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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Magnuson Hotel increases revenue by 400 per cent in six months

Blog Source: eHotelier partner of Hotel Tech Live 


Since mid-January 2017, RG Hotels, the industry-leading hotel management company, has boosted revenue at the Magnuson Grand Memphis Airport Hotel, one of the 1000 Magnuson Hotels properties around the world, by 400 per cent.

RG HOTELS was chosen to manage the hotel because of the company’s dedication to revamping hotels’ revenue and profitability, two key performance-related factors that has made Magnuson Hotels one of the largest hotel groups in the world.

Like in the case of the Magnuson Grand Memphis Airport Hotel, many hotel managers miss valuable opportunities in their day-to-day operations, which eventually results in millions of dollars of lost revenue.

Using RG HOTELS’ more than nine years combined experience in boosting bookings, optimizing operational processes and increasing revenue for their hundreds of hotel clients worldwide, the company is able to correct these small mistakes (including eliminating costly human error), update the property’s management processes to better suit the preferences of today’s travelers and automate and integrate all internal solutions using algorithmic technology; as a result, RG HOTELS’ clients go from significant deficits of money every month, to making huge profits – even upwards of 400 per cent improvements on previous all-time best metrics.

“Because of our recent alliance with our new global partners (Louvre Hotels Group and Jin Jiang hotels), our company has become even more focused on providing the best possible stay to guests, while maintaining optimal profitability across all of our 1,000 hotels across three continents,” said Thomas Magnuson, CEO of Magnuson Hotels. “With this property, we needed a hotel management company with a very innovative approach and that was focused specifically on driving revenue. RG HOTELS has definitely come through on their promises, with an overall boost of more than 400 per cent in the property’s revenue in six months.”

“We are very proud to be working with one of the largest hotel groups in the world, as they are well-known for commitment to providing guests with the best possible stay and, as such, they have strong brand awareness with consumers both domestically and internationally,” said Jean Francois Mourier, CEO of RG HOTELS. “We know that both Magnuson Hotels’ executives and the Memphis property’s management team are very pleased with the results that the hotel has experienced to date and, eventually, RG HOTELS looks forward to working with Magnuson’s other properties all around the world.”

We are delighted to have Magnuson Hotel's exhibiting at the show and do not miss the chance to hear Thomas Magnuson - Founder of Magnuson Hotel's speak at Hotel Tech Live this year!

Blog and Image Source: eHotelier partner of Hotel Tech Live