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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Optimising the hotel ‘check in’ process for customers

From ‘one-click’ hotel reservations, to airline check-in apps, the latest advances in digital tech are reshaping the dynamics of the travel industry; hotels have had to innovate to remain current and competitive in the face of the latest customer expectations. 

So, why should the streamlining of cumbersome travelling processes end at the departures lounge?

With E-Signature technology, checking into a hotel can now take as little as 60 seconds, meaning executive clients can by-pass the queues and start enjoying a hotel’s facilities from the moment they arrive.

Instant and accurate e-signature recognition is: 

• more secure than a password 

• more cost effective than paper 

• more convenient than carrying unnecessary documentation.

Inadequate customer service at peak times should not undermine a hotel’s reputation for excellence. By using a signature recognition system that reduces operating costs whilst enhancing the customer experience, hotels can tick all the necessary boxes – compliance, customer service and innovation.

But that’s not all, looking beyond convenience, biometric signatures can enable hotels to fight fraud by prohibiting people from wrongly forging signatures on items such as bar bills, room service or spa access. This removes any uncomfortable confusion at checkout and avoids lost revenue for the hotel. 

Here’s what else you might now know….  E-Signing myths de-busted:

Is it secure?

Dynamic biometrics like e-signatures are much harder, if not impossible, to replicate, unlike pin codes and passwords that can be stolen or normal signatures that can be forged. Security is not compromised with the E-Signature therefore hotels can fight fraud and reassure customers of their security measures. 

Does it only work on a specific device?

No, E-Signature has cross device functionality, something no other provider can offer. Devices could include signing tablets, smartphones and tablets - having a signing tablet poses no threat to security as it holds no content or software.

What about elderly customers who aren’t familiar with technology?

The E-Signature works exactly like normal signatures so no familiarity is lost, just simplified.

Isn’t there a delay? 

Signature verification can be recorded real-time. 

Can it do anything else?

Yes – the E-Signature can be saved and used again later for simplifying the check-out process. Guests can even view their final bill and can choose to have their invoice emailed to them instead of printed. 

Are hotels already using this system?

This is becoming increasingly popular with chain hotels accommodating business travellers and those who want to reinforce the idea that they are innovating to meet their customer needs. Hotels already using this technology include the Hilton Group. 

Will installation be disruptive?

It’s easily integrated with CRM, billing and other systems.

Icon-UK look forward to bringing the E-Signature to Hotel Tech Live on stand 7080 and Chris Jones will be discussing this topic in more detail at his seminar.

For more information in the meantime, please contact Richard Marsden on +44 (0)7798 658589


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