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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


How Marin Hotel has taken its online presence to the next level [Case Study]

2011. Existing website limitations

Laurent Orliaguet took over The Hotel Marin (Britain, France) in 2011. First, he decided to build a website with the help of an agency: a single page which was impossible to edit and not mobile-friendly. It displayed only 4 photos and only limited content was included. It turned out to be an expensive and an obviously temporary solution.

2015. A website with

Following the complete renovation of his establishment in June 2015 (rewarded by the "Palme de la Renovation Hotel" in France), Laurent Orliaguet decided to work on the second key step of his project: build a high-performance website. Seduced by the SaaS model and the user-friendly interface, he chose the appyourself toolbox!

Thereby followed many improvements: the website now boasts a responsive design (the display adjusts to the type of device, may it be a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet to provide an optimal user experience) and its content is manageable without technical knowledge. The content itself has been hugely enriched, with a lot more text, icons and photos displayed within highly flexible HTML5 based components. Its booking engine is now highlighted on each page and it integrates a customer review index via a widget. Without being present on OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), and after only 3 weeks, Hotel Marin reached the first Google search page and has recorded an increase of + 66% of user clicks and many new online reservations.

« The interface is user-friendly. The customer service is personalized and the appyourself team involved in your project »

2016. A website in constant evolution

A year later, the appyourself website interface evolved once again, allowing our customers to build websites that stick to the newest trends (web-design, seo....). Also, this big update met the need to further customize websites in many other ways.

“I chose APPYOURSELF SPECIFICALLY because it allows me to stick to the trends of the web and hotel websites.” 

A second version of the website has now been published and Marin Hotel won the 3rd place in the « best website for professionals » category during the 15th edition of the Communication Trophies in France.

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