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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Voice-automation trialled in hotel industry

This month, voice automation is being tested in major international hotel brands, with the idea of transitioning the concept throughout their brand portfolio if successful. Marriott International, the world’s largest chain have been testing both Amazon and Apple at it’s Aloft Hotel In Boston. 

Best Western Hotels & Resorts are the latest to implement voice-controlled technology in their hotel rooms. The program will deploy Amazon Dots throughout hotel rooms, allowing guests to set wake-up calls, play music, tell the time and get the weather forecast with a few simple voice commands. 

Amazon Dots is a hands-free device powered by the digital assistant Alexa who controls the smart home with voice-activated commands. 

“We are working with a company to test the Amazon Dot because I think, in the future, that's how the guest might want to interact with us,” CEO David Kong 

The chain have advanced their research and teamed up with software company Runtiz to develop the programme, in hoping to transform the guest experience. 

Additional hotels have implemented Amazon Echo into their rooms, allowing guests to control room lights, temperature and their TV via the voice-controlled speaker. 

This type of technology has incredible potential to enhance guest experience by allowing guests to control their hotel room environment from the comfort of their bed. The technology can be adapted to suits needs, whether to be lighting effects, alarm clocks or TV control. Could this be the fastest growing technology to be implemented world-wide into hotel rooms?