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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Top Emerging Technologies for Hotels

There was once a time where hotel operators could happily say their technology systems were far more superior than what their guests would have in their own homes. However, it’s now safe to say things have moved on and technology and guest digital demands have changed dramatically. No longer do hotel rooms necessarily have a better television than what guests have in their own living rooms. And often the television is a debateable point, because many guests would prefer to watch their own content on one of the numerous devices they bring into the hotel room.

Research carried out by Hospitality Technology, revealed three emerging technologies that shows high-levels of potential to transform the hotel industry. The top three technologies that have that were voted to have the greatest potential for application in the hospitality industry were tracking facilities, interactive walls and interactive mirrors. 

Below reveal the full results of the research. Out of a controlled survey within the top hotel innovators to date, the following said they believed that technology would be successful within the hospitality industry. 

RFID Enable tracking for a hotel’s hard goods – 69 %

Interactive walls – 54 %

Bathroom mirrors functioning as an interactive display 

Robotics (robot concierge, robot butlers…etc)

Augmented Reality/ Visual Reality Experience – 39 %

Artificial Intelligence (AI/Voice Automated) – 42 %

Electro-responsive fibres in bedding/ pillows – 15 %

Personal holograms to service as on-property guides – 10% 

It’s survey’s like this that prove how important it is to keep up with the latest advancements in the hotel industry, in order to avoid being ‘stuck in the middle’ or left behind. We are a tech savvy generation, and customers appear to crave it when looking to travel. Yet to what extent do you have to go to push your technology installations to satisfy your desired customers. Market research can take years and by that point you’ll be left in the dark and behind on the times. Think fast, take an interest in the emerging technologies, and be open to the possibilities of way they can be implemented and successful in your hotel business.