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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Hotels to become Co-Work 2.0

Remote working is driving up the need for accessible meeting and workspaces to the point where demand is vastly outstripping supply. 

Today's mobile business executives are hungry for authentic experiences and doing business on the go is no longer the preserve of a limited section of the professional workforce. The majority of those on the move now cast around for four key elements: excellent wifi, privacy, accessible power and great coffee. 

Whilst hotels are enjoying some of this business by default, however the millennial generation are challenging the hospitality sector to offer more and the need to innovate has never been more important or more timely. So what can you do to adapt, and do so fast, cost effectively and flexibly? 

Take the challenge of impromptu meetings and the need for more effective use of existing spaces: There is a way for properties to add usable space without investing in more real estate (or tons of cement). The Co-Work 2.0 revolution will happen in the hospitality sector. Are you ready? 

More meeting space means more sales opportunity, but how can you maximize the space you have today? It is time to think creatively about how and where business and events can expand in your property. Nothing should be off the table and some options may even be a better fit than the traditional spaces you offer. 

Millennial professionals are hungry for something new. They prefer out-of-the- box ideas, and put more focus on brand and identity. Consider how modern office spaces are changing. Floor plans are open, desks are used flexibly, ceilings are unfinished, cabling and lighting fixtures left exposed. Depending on the event, modern planners might even be more likely to book an unfinished trendy warehouse over your fanciest ballroom.

The good news is that this trend makes it possible for your property to start putting price tags in places you wouldn’t have thought of before. Additionally, it means that you can accommodate new group segments and at different sizes, which creates the opportunity to fill more bedrooms, sell more receptions, even keep your best function spaces open for high-value clients. 

This is where Nook Pod comes into play. It is a fully mobile and integrated work space, meeting the needs of the new work ethos. To find out more go to Nook is fast becoming a must-have feature of the co-working office space and we will be launching an enhanced hotel version of the Nook at Hotel Tech Live. This will demonstrate how Nook enables the hotel lobby - and other wasted spaces - to fulfil their revenue generating potential.

This is your chance to be part of the Co-Work 2.0 revolution. As we prepare to launch at Hotel Tech Live, we are piloting Nook with a select number of hotel partners. We will install Nooks into lobby areas, for an agreed period of time, and will analyse the appeal, usability and commercial performance across this space. Based on our experience in the office co-working space, we know that this initiative will create a “buzz.”

This is a unique opportunity and we will be showcasing the case study analytics at Hotel Tech Live 2017.

If you want to be an active partner in this pilot, or simply learn more, drop us an email to quickly.