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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


The Importance of Having a Highly Available, Highly Secure Technology Platform That Can Easily Scale

You have built your brand by spending the time finding the right premises, getting the ambiance just right, working hard on your menu, choosing the best EPoS provider and building a team that you can rely on to offer a fantastic experience time and time again. Your customers are demanding and you know that they have so many other options to choose from. It is vital that you get everything right. 

Underpinning each area of your operations and an element that has the potential to make or break whether your customers have that great experience and remain loyal is your chosen technology. You need it all to work together seamlessly, all the time. That is especially true when you are looking to grow your operations, but you find what used to work just can’t handle your increased demands.

You need to know that:

  • Your customers can find you and connect with your brand

  • Your Internet connection and complimentary WiFi is working when they visit

  • You can capture visitor details for additional marketing

  • You can take their order and have your kitchen process it quickly

  • When it comes time to pay, you will be able to efficiently and securely process that payment

Those are just your customer facing elements. On a wider scale, you also need to ensure that:

  • Your team can report issues when they happen 24x7x365 and have them repaired quickly

  • All of your systems are being monitored and are running optimally

  • You can efficiently connect to your chosen delivery partner network

  • Your back office systems are always available and that your team remains productive

  • Your network is completely secure and that both your business and customer data is safe

  • Your technology platform can easily scale as you open new restaurants

  • Should the worst happen, you will be able to recover quickly

  • You have time to focus on your core business

We assist the likes of Jamie’s Italian, wagamama, The Restaurant Group, Loungers and many others in the restaurant and hospitality trade, providing complete end-to-end IT services and a single point of contact for their technology needs, ultimately helping them excel and grow.

Discover how D&D London, the owner and operator of some of London’s best known fine dining locations, has benefited from having such a highly available, highly secure technology platform. A platform that has helped them continue to provide a remarkable service as they have grown. View the case study >

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