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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Flexi Concierge App to Launch at Hotel Tech Live

Flexitech Travel will be launching its brand new Hotel Concierge App at Hotel Tech Live in September

To App or Not to App

One of the hottest topics in travel tech for the last few years is how to create a seamless digital experience at each stage of the customer journey. Apps are a central part of this quest and provide a powerful mechanism by which businesses can communicate directly with their customers and elicit a revenue generating response. 

Hotels Must Mind Their App

When apps first hit the market, every business of every kind raced to put an app in store. It didn’t matter what the app did or whether it was even useful, such was the demand from consumers.

Similarly, Hotel Concierge Apps have become commonplace but what differentiates good apps from the not so good comes down to its relevance to the guest experience and how well the apps are made – non-compliance with these core principals can be hugely detrimental to the brand.

A white paper published by uTest touched on a survey in the US that showed 88% of consumers formed a negative opinion of a brand due to a poorly performing app. As such, it is imperative Hotels build concierge apps that create demonstrable value to both its guests and its business.

The Flexi Concierge App

In the ever-changing world of digital travel, the Flexi Concierge app combines operational efficiency with guest experience to provide a concierge app that caters for the needs of both guests and Hotels alike. 

Flexitech Travel, known for its Tour Operator App Solutions, will be launching its brand new Hotel Concierge App at Hotel Tech Live in September.

From the moment a reservation is made, Flexitech’s interactive concierge app will allow guests to engage with the hotel to explore not only the facilities and services available on the property, but also the world around them, creating a more immersive guest experience and new opportunities for revenue growth.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Unlike traditional white-labels, Flexitech’s state of the art solution allows customers the same level of control and flexibility of a bespoke solution without the unnecessary time and cost.

Each customer has the autonomy to create a unique design to develop a mobile solution that best represents their brand and the intended user experience.

Increase Customer Engagement and Enhance Guest Experience

The wide range of tools allows guests to maximise their comfort and enjoyment during their stay whilst providing hotels with new opportunities to drive revenue growth.

Features such keyless entry and fast check-out ensure frequent visitors can experience a seamless journey, whilst in-app messaging allow guests to communicate direct with the hotel and make bespoke requests before, during or after their stay.

The offline maps and destination guides give guests an opportunity to explore the area around the hotel with all the inside knowledge of a local.

For hotels, push notifications, in-app offers and geo-fencing features allow for contextual and relevant marketing messages to be sent to guests at the appropriate time to ensure they can take advantage of all the services and offers available.