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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Technology is Transforming the Back Office

Today, technology allows you the choice of in-house or hosted software, integration across back office functions, almost paperless operations and ever richer functionality while being easy-to-use.


Out of confidentiality concerns, you may opt to install your back office software on your site. On the other hand, web based technologies offer alternatives that reduce up-front investment and/or make your back office operations more efficient.

• Hotel chains can provide shared IT services to their operating units, from a single location. Whether hosted at a private data centre or at a credible hosting agency like Amazon or Microsoft or IBM, shared services dramatically reduce up-front investment. 

• Centralization also enables valuable new opportunities to standardize processes across the chain, to automate multi-property transactions & reconciliation and for faster consolidation & reporting of multi-property data.

• Yet another viable option is to simply subscribe to a cloud service. This option further reduces up-front investment and systems administration chores while delivering all the benefits of hosted systems.


Many hotels do not control materials consumption at the itemized level because of manpower costs. An easy-to-use purchase, inventory & costing system that minimizes human effort while integrating with the purchase & general ledgers can help retrieve some money that may be left-on-the-table, by making it feasible for businesses to monitor itemised procurement and consumption. 

Further efficiency is gained by electronically receiving accounting journals from the PMS, POS, HRMS and any other invoicing or cost recognition system.


Greater computing power and more sophisticated software tools have made it possible for software suppliers to provide innovative and valuable features. For example - the ability to upload data from Excel spreadsheets into the ERP, the facility to electronically archive supporting documents with each transaction, export data into 3rd party analytical tools, event-triggered alerts delivered by email or SMS and much more. Advances in usability & human engineering has made it possible for software to be designed with more functionality while retaining ease-of-use. 


Gone are the days when you needed to churn out reams of paper, printed by the computer, as part of your routine operations or as a part of record keeping needs. Contemporary systems display reports on the screen, deliver reports as pdf copies by email to those that need the report, archive records electronically and make it much more efficient to retrieve historical records. The benefits include greater environmental consciousness, reduced cost of operations and reduced human effort.


Imagine the benefits of simultaneously capturing material receipts into the ERP while near the delivery truck or while at the receiving bay. Mobile technology has made this possible. Just as it has made it possible to make informed decisions and authorize transactions while away from the desk.

Technology is changing the way hospitality back offices work while lowering the investment barrier to the latest in technology. Don’t miss out on the benefits. Evaluate your options today and contribute to the efficiency & profitability of your business. 

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