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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Do You Know How to Innovate Successfully?

Innovation and technology are at the pinnacle to survival these days, yet it may be questioned that hotel businesses don’t actually know how to innovate successfully. It may be difficult to understand where to invest your pennies, how to invest and more importantly how much to invest. Thus, highlighting that keeping up with emerging trends, and discovering the latest technologies is more important than ever. You need fruitful information on the opportunities available and compatible with your business, before you can create strategies. 

Airbnb, OTAs and ordering almost anything online from shoes to food is changing our life so quickly and dramatically that old solutions cannot keep up with new innovations, but the need to understand these opportunities is more relevant than ever.

There are hotels that have built automated systems that allow you to personalise your hotel stay before you arrive. For example, hotels that send robotic forms to select preferences after you have booked a room. These options range from the selection of pillows, sheets, mini bar preferences and even what colour toilet paper you desire. Just by adapting these options to a person, you increase chances of customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty through personalisation. But the wonderful thing is, if they choose not to fill the form out there is no loss, you just give them the standard options.

For all you frequent travellers, imagine if could select what was in your mini fridge before you arrived? The type of wine, the chocolate, the fruit? I don’t know about you, but I would be a happy lady if I got to a hotel, hungry and could snack on something straight away without the hassle of ordering it. And on the plus side you don’t need to pay anything until it’s missing from the fridge at the end of your stay. I’m sold on the idea. And people are more likely to consume something they have chosen, than if the fridge is filled with undesirable things. In other words, guests will spend more money.

You don’t need complex technology, something simplistic can be the answer to your long-term survival in a competitive industry. If your labour is too high, build a robot. Eatsa, a 21st-century automat that creates dishes to order by robots, is recreating vending opportunities for urban centres across America. Uber is experimenting with driverless cars, planning to replace its 1 million drivers using robotics technology, as if they haven’t changed our landscape enough. Taking people out of the equation isn’t necessarily the answer. Rather, make the relationship more one-to-one, making the software easier to use, or at least more fun.

The concept may not be relevant for all, you may not have the capabilities, but it’s how you take the idea and adapt it to make it work on a profitable level for your business. But never ignore the upcoming industry innovations- you’ll be left behind.