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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


ALICE Brings its Hospitality Platform to the UK

When we founded ALICE four years ago, it was with the mission to improve the way hospitality companies, specifically hotels, deliver service.

At first, we believed the solution was guest-facing technology, specifically mobile apps. But once we started asking hotels lots of questions we saw a consistent pattern: guest frustrations rarely originated from the inability to communicate a request. The true problems stemmed from the operational complexity behind the scenes of fulfilling the request. The difference between exceptional service delivery and guest disappointment was not in the the guest access point, but rather their ability to leverage technology on the back-end or staff side.

Most hotels today are running outdated legacy systems, which are disconnected from one another. Operations tries to broach these silos with offline methods, like pen and paper and radios, which leaves room for error. It also prevents hotels from understanding how they are failing guest expectations. In today’s social-media and review-driven economy that is a risk. Customer reviews are everywhere, social media is directly impacting guest expectations and future bookings. The last thing any hotelier wants is a negative review.

ALICE spent the last four years building out modules that meets the needs of all departments and stakeholders, including Front Desk, Concierge, Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Guests.  By joining all of these groups onto a single platform for communication and task management, ALICE helps the best hotels deliver an even better guest experience.

ALICE’s main product - ALICE Suite - brings together a hotel’s front office, concierge, housekeeping, and maintenance teams, and connects guests to their hotel via an app and/or SMS. The ALICE platform is also available as specialized software and mobile applications for staff (ALICE Staff), your concierge (ALICE Concierge) and your guests (ALICE Guest). Each module is fully integratable with PMS, POS, and all other third party management systems. ALICEs partners include 3-5 independent and managed hotels, hotel groups, residential condominiums, serviced apartments, vacation rental companies, and concierge companies looking to provide exceptional service through mobile staff technology and guest communication channels. Third-party service providers also leverage the ALICE API.

After success in the United States and considerable demand to bring ALICE to other markets, ALICE is coming to the United Kingdom with a special promotion for the company’s first 50 UK hotel partners.