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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


The rise of AI - A new era

Virtual Butler is setting new standards in redefining guest experience with artificial intelligence in the hospitality industry.

In the world of the hospitality industry, Artificial Intelligence is all about technology that brings a positive change and a quicker solution to the guests’ experience from pre-booking to post-stay. AI has made both hotelier’s and a guest’s lives easy by eliminating the redundant tasks like talking to a live chat agent. Now, millennial travellers need luxury that is lean & smart and wants to spend their valuable time with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant because they’re fast and fuss-free! A hotel manager's focus is always to provide an amazing guest experience! But what if he’s busy with the guests and an online customer asks certain queries about the hotel amenities? No, worries! An AI-enabled assistant can make your hotel available 24*7 to resolve any real-time queries based on the guests’ behaviour and preference.

Now, let’s talk about a few decades ago! When you visited a hotel a few years back, what was the scenario? A front-desk receptionist will greet you, ask some of your personal details and the timing of your check-out! But time is changing rapidly and so does the technology involved and utilized in the hotels! Just think, won’t it be a jaw-dropping experience if the AI-enabled virtual assistant knows at what time your flight is arriving and the time you enter the hotel room it gives you a custom-tailored recommendation about- you’re coming from a flight so, you might be tired and want to try our spa and sauna! That will be amazing, right? All these can be achieved with AI! Front-desk robots, Internet of Things, and voice & chat-based solutions are the next-big-things in the hospitality industry and myriads of hotels have already started implementing it thus making their guest say WOW every time they visit their hotel! 

The role of AI is colossal in terms of guest communication and experience! For example, Trilyo’s AI-powered voice and chat-based assistants can solve any real-time guest issue at the instant without any external support and intervention! Also, based on guest’s preference, it can render hyper-personalized recommendations thus providing an amazing overall in-room experience. 

Another important aspect of AI-powered guest communication and engagement platform is that it makes a hotel more relevant than ever! The AI-powered virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home can act as your digital concierge service and can deliver beverages and snack foods directly to your room without the involvement of a third person! You won’t have to ask the staff for the same and in the process, you can save a considerable amount of time and energy, too! 

AI-enabled assistants can also make the customer experience personal without prying and involving the cost of hiring any human, so you can employ the staff for an effective human-touch whenever and wherever required. With AI, you can easily retarget your guests on all the digital touchpoints since they’re already present there! How? With Trilyo, you can implement a virtual assistant for a hotel with an inbuilt CRM and engage your customers on platforms like- social media, emails, and SMS; tell them about your amenities and other relatable information.

While AI has been around for quite some time now, but the true value to hotels is something that we see in action now. A lot of debates have been around if AI can really imitate the spontaneity of a real human without hampering the guest experience? Meet our experts at Hotel & Spa Tech Live, ExCeL London on Sep 25th & 26th at Stand #4932 to find the answer.


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