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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


IoT is already the next big thing in hospitality Industry. Are you ready for it?


If you think the Internet of Things (IoT) is a thing of the future well think again, as according to a report by TCS travel, transportation, and hospitality industry is expected to invest around $110 million by the end of 2018. Hoteliers like Hilton and Marriott are already using IoT to transform the “Guest Room Experience.”

How is IoT assisting the hospitality industry? It benefits the hospitality industry in different ways as mentioned below:

IoT impacting Hoteliers

Enhancing the Guest Experience

Hotels nowadays have started implementing IoT to stay ahead of the competition by creating the most comfortable and customized room experience for both leisure and business traveler. Enhancing guest experience can give a significant competitive edge over competing hotels. Customized and speedy services are an effective way to earn guest loyalty and recommendations.

In its quest for taking guest experience to the next level, Marriott International partnered with Samsung and Legrand to create the hospitality industry’s IoT hotel room. Marriott has described this as the ultimate hotel experience of the future with features services like yoga routine directed by a mirror and shower which can set temperature automatically based on guest’s preference.

Increased Hotel Efficiency

Most hotels’ IoT based guest rooms are integrated with the hotel’s central management system. All the data is shared and aggregated into the single central system which generates guest room insight. This insight is used by front desk staff to understand room conditions to understand guest needs better while housekeeping staff gets visibility into rooms which need to be cleaned and prioritize them based on guest requests.

Personalization based on Guest’s Habits and Behavior Data

With the arrival of smart technology, hotels are always trying to create a positive guest experience. With the help of IoT, hotels can leverage real-time data on guest preferences and behavioral data. This data is used to deliver personalized service to guests. The information is also used to create customized alerts, greetings, loyalty programs, etc.

Optimizing the Hotel Expenditure

With hotels saving on energy and workload as IoT automatically manages everything, IoT is also optimizing hotel expenditure. Room resources are switched off once guests step outside the rooms. Also, with guests relying more on digital devices has cut additional employee costs.

IoT Impacting Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Guest Room Automation

IoT gives guests a memorable in-room experience where guests can create their own environment according to their preferences. From controlling light and room temperature to the latest in-room entertainment facilities provides guests with a safe, secure, and homely feeling.

One of the hotel giants Hilton is focusing its IoT implementation on providing guests with an exceptional level of room control. Hilton provides its guest with Hilton Honors a smartphone app which can be used to control room conditions, act as a digital room key, ordering a taxi, among many other features.

Virtual Concierge

The rise of virtual concierge can be credited to the group of evolving travelers, business guests, and vacationers who are always looking for excellent customer experience. The IoT enabled virtual assistant helps guests find local activities, making bookings and on-property reservations, directly communicate with the staff when a guest needs assistance, etc.

Premier Inn, one of UK’s largest hotel chain, has fitted each guest room of their Hub Hotel with an interactive wall map that contains local spots of the nearby area.


Hotels use IoT to provide guests with customized notifications and alerts on free, discounts, and exclusive upgrades, as well as events being hosted at the hotel.

Personalized Guest Experience

Receiving automated personalized greeting when guests enter the room, automatically switching to the last saved preference like room temperature, playing music, last watched TV program, temperature settings for showers, among others.

Intelligent hotel system will become a standard soon. IoT is the present and the future of automated hotel system. Sensors, room temperature control, smart voice control are poised to change the way hotels function.

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