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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Most Hotels Miss This Tech Trick

It’s no revelation that the rapid evolution of technology today has proved, in some cases, the Hotel Industry’s worst enemy.

Yes, mobile technology and the Airbnb Effect are a threat, but more recently, a major concern has been the inability to keep up with modern technology in order to serve customer expectations in Hotels.

And no, when we say modern technology we don't necessarily mean you need to comply with the Aloft Hotel’s standards; a robotic butler is not a must-have for most guests.

But, we are living in a time where free wi-fi is expected as standard, and in order to remain competitive there is a temptation to invest in high-tech to support the customer experience.

VR/AR, AI and real-time engagement are no longer for just early adopters and innovators, such technology is being used everyday in hotels, even if this means ordering room service via AI systems. 

But here’s the really important point, so many hotels are focused on supplying their customers with modern tech, that they forget about their employees.

Happy staff = happy guests. Cliché, but absolutely true.

Robotics haven’t quite taken over the hotel industry (yet!), so it is paramount that the forefront of your hotel, those who represent you, those who make a human connection with your guests, are happy. And what makes them happy?

The peace of mind that they can do their job effectively, with minimal stress, and the ability to hit targets without overruns.

But what happens when the consumer tablet that Housekeeping are relying on is dropped and breaks? Or the commercial smartphone that is used to take orders packs up because it gets wet?

Down-time, overruns, disputes, and unhappy employees.

This is specifically what Conker aims to eliminate through rugged tablets, smartphones and PDA solutions.

And a rugged device doesn’t by any means need to be traditionally bulky. Our newest rugged smartphone, the ST50, looks, feels and acts just like your personal phone, but with all the rugged benefits.

The ST50 will be making its debut showcase at Hotel & Spa Tech Live. Visit stand 4752 for your first look.


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