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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


PGA (Personal Guest Assistant): The Guest is Finally in Control!

For Hotel Tech Live 2018 we are introducing GetShop’s PGA (Personal Guest Assistant). It’s a product that GetShop has been working on for a while now, and we are proud to officially show it for the first time at the upcoming show in September. GetShop is working very hard to automate every aspect of the hotel industry, and this is the next step in hotel automation.

It simplifies life, not only for the guest, but also for housekeeping, reception, management and everyone else involved in the daily running of the hotel. The first generation PGA is 8 inches. It comes with a capacitive touch screen It is easy to mount to the wall, and with two extra screws it is safeguarded against theft. It runs on regular electricity, so it will fit in any hotel room. 

The PGA has a range of options that makes the hotel experience both smoother and more convenient for everyone, all which are listed below:


The PGA will generate a unique Wi-Fi code for every new guest checking in. The code will work throughout the stay, and stop working when the guest checks out. The PGA also distributes the bandwidth evenly among all the rooms, so everybody get their fair share, basically working like a personal hotspot for each room. There are three positive sides to this. 1) It prevents people on the outside using your Internet without authorisation. 2) It makes it impossible for some guests to steal all the traffic on your network. 3) It is a more secure way to connect to the Internet compared to distributing a single password among all the guests.

Late checkout/extra days

If a guest wants a few more hours in the morning, or suddenly decide they need another day or two in your hotel, the guests can just click on late checkout or request more days on the PGA. Because GetShop’s PMS is using a technology that assigns rooms better than any human can do, in order to maximise the coverage in your hotel, the system will check all future room assignment options before determining, within milliseconds, whether a guest can have late checkout or stay some extra days. If the guest’s credit card is saved on file, the guest will be able to extend the stay directly on the PGA. All systems, including that of housekeeping, will be updated with the change immediately.

Order add-ons/drinks/food

If you sell any add-ons in your hotel, e.g. parking, towels or breakfast, the guest can buy it directly from the PGA. If you have a restaurant or a bar in your hotel, then the guest can order anything from the menu. So by the time the guest comes down to pick it, it has already been made. If there is room service in the hotel, the guest can just ask to have it delivered to the room. The PGA can also be set up so that the guest has to pay while ordering on the PGA for the order to go through the system.

Extra cleaning

If you have interval cleaning (e.g. every fifth day) in your hotel, instead of every day, then the guest can use the PGA to order extra cleaning. The guest just enters which day they want the extra cleaning, and the housekeepers will get a notification in their system about the request. The hotel decides whether it should be possible to make a same day request, or if there should be any restrictions to it.

Open the front door

If the guest is expecting a visitor, and there is nobody working in the reception to let the visitor in, and the main entrance is closed, then the guest can open the door directly from the PGA, and just wait for their visitor in the comfort of their own room. This will also work on any doors that are between the main door and the room door of the guest. 

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