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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Top 6 tech hotels

 Hotel Designs explores the best tech hotels in the world right now…

1. Eccleston Square Hotel, London 

Tucked away in a stately square in Belgravia sits Eccleston Square Hotel, a 5-star boutique hotel full to the brim of technology. Said to be one of the smartest hotels in the world, each room includes an iPad as a digital concierge, complimentary smartphone with unlimited data, 3D television, SmartGlass bathroom walls, touch sensors, and a £12,000 Hastens massage bed.

2. Kameha Grand, Zurich

Taking themed hotels to a whole new level, Zurich’s Kameha Grand is jam-packed with themed rooms and suites, but it’s the Space Suite which defies gravity (quite literally). The hi-tech suite contains a floating bed, miniature rocket-inspired light fittings and shelves designed to resemble astronauts’ gloves. The suite even has a link-up to NASA’s mission control, via a huge screen above the bed. You can’t get more tech than that!

3. M Social, Singapore 

The day has finally come when room service is delivered by robots. Designed by Philippe Stark, this hotel opened its doors two years ago in 2016. Aura (Automated Room-Service Associate) will deliver fresh supplies of everything from bottled water to extra pillows, even the morning papers!

4. City Hub, Amsterdam 

CityHub’s 50 minimalist pods are an alternative to checking in to a cramped youth hostel. Each pod contains a double bed, along with wi-fi, hi-tech audio streaming services and mood lighting which can be controlled by an app. Replacing the traditional hotel key card, the hotel supplies guests with an electronic wristband which can be used to unlock the door.

5. The Yotel, New York

Yotel, a capsule-style hotel in New York’s bustling Time Square has introduced hi-tech storage space for items of luggage that guests don’t want cluttering up their minimalist rooms. The robot - Or Yobot - will take guests’ luggage and place it into a locker. The entire process takes place in a glass-walled storage area. The tech-savvy theme continues in the guestrooms, which have space-saving motorised beds and motion-activated air conditioning.

6. Blow Up Hall 50 50, Poland

Entering Hotel Blow Up Hall 5050, known for its impressive digital installations, guests may feel as if they have travelled into the future. The room key is an iPhone 5 that will navigate you to the correct room by means of IT recognition technology and will also serve as a way to communicate with hotel staff during your stay in Poznan. Each room is individually designed and equipped with a LCD satellite TV.