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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Five ways to reduce your hotel’s energy cost

Trying to stay ahead of the hotel tech curve can be hard work, but what if doing all this has made you lose sight of the bigger picture? The more tech and gadgets you bring in, the more energy you’ll need to keep your hotel running efficiently – right? Well, no, not always! 

As energy management experts, the way we think about a hotel is completely different to the way a hotelier would. This means that we can help you identify potential areas to save money and improve your hotel’s efficiency. Here’s where we’d start: 

Step One: Starting from the beginning

Everyone needs to start somewhere and if you get the chance to break ground on a new hotel then you can start saving money the minute you build energy efficiency measures into your building. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with retrofitting your hotel, it can be far more expensive than planned installation as you’ll need to pay for removal, new parts and, of course, redecoration. 

Step Two: Treat your hotel to a tailoring session 

Chances are you already have a building and there’s no point thinking about what you could have done. Retrofitting is still a very viable option and the first things to look at here, from an energy management point of view, would be how efficient the building is. 

The less an empty room costs you, the more profit you make when they’re full! But you don’t need us to tell you that… 

By making sure your energy needs are completely tailored to your building will give you the best idea of what can be improved – you wouldn’t expect a doctor to diagnose you based on your neighbour, so don’t rely on generalised information for your hotel. Ask for an on-site energy audit to get an in-depth understanding on where you can save money and what hotel energy solutions will have the biggest impact. 

Step Three: Clever buying

Just like your customers look for the best prices on your rooms, we look for the best prices for your energy. Energy prices are in a constant state of flux, meaning that the price can change drastically on a daily, hourly and even half hourly basis!

It’s also affected by lots of external influences, such as politics, market shifts and even culture shifts. At amber energy® we have industry leading software and analysts who can accurately predict which day in the year energy is likely to be the cheapest to buy.

This means that we can buy all your energy for the year at the cheapest possible price, from the best suppliers, tailored exactly to your needs and get you the best deal on the wholesale cost of energy.

Step Four: Checking your bills

Technology has meant that we no longer have countless paper bills coming through our door, but unfortunately, it means that we often scan through our bills on a phone and trust direct debit to pay it.

Doing this can lead to misbilling as a result of incorrect charges, wrong meter submissions and countless other errors. We’d recommend thoroughly checking your bills against your contracted rates and meter readings to ensure you’re only paying for what you’ve used. This simple (but labour-intensive process) could potentially save your business from paying thousands more than you need to. 

Step Five: Engaging with customers

While energy management doesn’t have much in common with running a hotel, engaging with the end user in a simple, clear way is vital to encouraging energy reduction. Influencing customers to actively make a change to the way they use their energy may seem like a daunting task, but the potential savings available are well worth the challenge. 

Our student energy project has helped to reduce end use consumption by 10% in student accommodation managed by amber energy®. While students and hotel visitors are in no way the same, if this technique could be applied to your business just think of the potential savings available to you! 
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