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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


How Technology Is Making the Payment Process Easier for Hotel Guests

For hotels to attract more guests to their establishment, owners need to start thinking about making the payment process easier by using new technologies and integrating alternative payment options into their business model. Here are a few ways technology is making payments easier for hotel guests. 

Mobile Apps

Mobile payments are a quicker and more convenient payment method for guests, as they can pay how and where they want. The wallet is a one form of mobile payment. Customers can download an app onto their device and it can be used in many different businesses. 

Quite a few hotel chains have already started integrating mobile payment apps into their business, including Marriott International, Inc., and they recently revealed that they would become the first hospitality company to offer Apple Pay. Guests will be able to use Apple Pay to check-in - if they have an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch - near the contactless reader located at the front desk. Customers will know when their payment has been successful as their phone or watch with either vibrate or beep. 

Check-In and Pay with Ease

By using self-service kiosks, hotel guests now have the power to check in, encode a room key, check out and get a receipt without having wait in line at the front desk. This check in option means that guests can digitally read and sign registration cards on a screen, and they can be personalised and also offer upgrades. These self-service kiosks free up employees’ time, and now they can provide a higher level of service in other parts of the hotel. 

These are only a couple of ways hotels can use technology to simplify the payment process. However, there are many up-and-coming technologies making their way into the hospitality industry and knowing which one to pick can be a struggle. You should always look at what payment practices your guests would like to use before investing in any form of payment technology.