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18 & 19 SEPT 2019



Z-Hotelcard® is an all-in-one communication solution in a compact, pocket-sized format. A concierge that guests can keep in their pocket with an integrated room key-card holder. Z-Hotelcard® helps increase customer spend within the hotel, encourages guest loyalty, provides top travel tips, and incentivise direct bookings reducing OTA commission.

Z-CARD® is an award winning marketing company specialising in compact PocketMedia® communication tools designed to give you the best ROI.

The Z-CARD® and similar products have been used for a wide range of applications, including internal corporate communications, product and services information and promotional merchandise across all major industries.

Invented over 20 years ago we can offer any miniature folded product, supply mobile websites and Apps and deliver full campaign solutions across all aspects of PocketMedia®.

We have our own in-house team of designers and developers so that we can service entire pocket-based campaigns.

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