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18 & 19 SEPT 2019



WifiData was designed around getting customer information in the easiest way possible. Big chains and business throw countless sums of money at getting a system which allows them to collect customer information, we developed our system to allow you to collect data easily, at an affordable price and fully GDPR compliant.

Guest Registration
Guests connect and register, providing their email address and other fields you wish to capture through your branded portal. Build your mailing list and keep in touch with previous customers to increase return visits or promote offers and updates such as a new menu.

It's better for your customers too, they only need to register their device once and they don't need to ask for your password.

New registrations are automatically added to your email marketing software ready for your next campaign.

Detailed Analytics
Identify visitors who haven't been back for a while and target them with a promotional offer. The system allows for easy exporting of email addresses to a targeted mailing list.

Keep track of and visualise visitor trends, return visits and time spent on-site with clear graphs and complete session lists.

Display welcome offers to new registrations and welcome back promotions for returning visitors.

Site-wide Coverage
Large premises require a carefully designed network of access points to ensure reliable connectivity. This way, devices can roam around, switching to the nearest access point as they move between areas.

Our engineers carefully plan and configure your network to ensure optimum coverage with the right number of access points, reducing the risk of interference and overlap.

With multiple access points the Device Tracker makes it easy to locate staff by the area they're in and see when they arrive and leave, this dashboard can be displayed on a large screen TV for convenience.

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