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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Virtronix Ltd

Helping businesses present themselves through engaging virtual experiences. Immersive 3D Virtual Reality walk-throughs, high-quality 360 degree photography or stunning aerial drone videography can really make your app, website or next marketing campaign fly.

We`re a proud MatterportĀ® Service Partner which allows us to capture your space and recreate it as a stunning 3D Virtual Reality model which opens up many new possibilities for your business or project. Depending on the size of your space, it can take just a few hours to scan and the complete model will be with you within 24-48 hours.

3D 360 degree Virtual Reality Walk-through Tours

We use the latest Matterport 3D scanning technology to capture your space and recreate it in an affordable, yet 99% accurate high-resolution virtual reality 3D model. Your building is a great asset, make it work for you 24x7 and at your customers fingertips. Allow them to virtually interact with your business before they reach you by embedding media or direct links to online room / table booking systems. Or, if you really want to show things off, kit your prospectus or showroom with VR goggles and jump in.

360 degree photography

We produce 360 degree photos to cater for all scenarios. From high resolution panoramas for your next print campaign or simply a fun and funky set of "little planet" 360 degree snaps to create a buzz on your social channel, we can help.

Aerial Drone Videography

Offer a different perspective on your space with some stunning aerial drone videography. Our videos can be used standalone as part of your next campaign or can be embedded into a walk-through tour to present your space from every angle.

Our pilots are CAA approved and operate within official guidance from the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

360 Worlds

An excellent way to combine all of our services with an interactive 360 virtual experience on the ground, in the air or both! Combine 3D models, images, videos and more to unpack your business or location. Perfect for education or training of new staff or to help explain your wider portfolio to new and existing clients.

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