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VES are recognised as market leaders in HVAC solutions, with 50 years in the HVAC industry and 25 years refurbishing any make or model of air handling equipment.

HVAC equipment can equate to 40% of a building`s running costs, Our HVAC engineering expertise allows us to facilitate energy improvement solutions for existing buildings, creating lasting value and making a difference to occupants, building operation and the environmental impact.

VES offer energy efficient fan and AHU component replacements, delivering reliability, increased efficiency and extending the life expectancy of existing HVAC equipment.

VES also specialise in kitchen and swimming pool ventilation, including installation of new bespoke equipment, specifically designed to meet the application.

Our vision is to be the premium UK ventilation solution provider, delivering dedication to every client, trust and responsibility in all relationships and innovation that matters for our company and the industry, through:

• Delivering better air for the built environment
• Offering unique insights into our customers' needs and their marketplace
• Utilising our expertise to deliver the fastest bespoke HVAC solution

Tel: 02380 461150

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