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Get Talkative and maximise your online bookings!


Talkative provides a complete suite of digital customer contact channels, including live chat, video, calls, AI virtual agents, cobrowse and more. Our sleek platform lets you bridge the gap between your contact centre agents and website, resulting in higher online bookings and an improved customer experience.


See your customers smile with live video chat 


Website/app visitors can instantly start a video chat within a web page, without any plugins, pop ups ordownloads. This allows for seamless face-to-face customer contact within the context of the customer’s online journey.


Video chat is managed within a contact centre workflow where customers, agents, and interactions can be managed and reported on. Unlike other video chat solutions, Talkative:

• works on all devices and doesn’t necessarily require scheduling

• allows a direct video call without needing to start a web chat first• allows video recording, with PCI-compliance and regional storage settings

• offers “just” video chat, or use alongside web chat and voice options

• has user-friendly controls and a highly customisable video chat widget


Video chat can also be used alongside Talkative’s other customer contact channels:

• Web chat - text-based messaging between customers and agents, including real-time translation.

• Virtual agents - AI-powered chatbot that answers questions and can transfer to live agents.

• Cobrowse and screenshare - allows agents to securely see/interact with a customer’s websitesession.

• Social media messaging integration - enables organisations to handle inbound contacts fromWhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and SMS.


All features can be used independently or together, catering for a wide variety of use cases. With a host of impressive clients within the travel sector, visit our stand to get inspired and discover how Talkative can boost your website travel bookings!

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