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Providing efficient indoor climate solutions for people and the environment.

Our No. 1 mission is human health and comfort in buildings, and to supply optimised indoor climate solutions at the lowest-conceivable lifecycle cost for property owners.

People spend most of their time indoors, which is why we need a sound indoor climate for our health, well-being and happiness. Swegon is there for you at every stage of your property project to achieve the world`s best indoor environment with the least possible impacts on the external environment. Our business models, services, products and systems are all designed to provide you with the right solution for each individual project. And best of all: we know how to get things right from the outset.

A property development project is a complex affair, with a large number of players involved, all of whom have to collaborate in a series of sub-projects over time. Each one of them is an expert on their deliverables, so it`s no surprise that confusion and suboptimisation occurs, with all the added risk this entails.

Swegon is there for you in every phase of your property development project. This is why we know that both challenges and needs differ, depending on who you are and whichever phase of the project you are dealing with. Basically, we get you, we know the score, and we make it easier for you to get the job done right the first time. Because that`s the win-win for us all.

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