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11 & 12 MAY 2021



Guestaria is a state-of-the-art solution designed specifically for hotels. Its purpose is to replace obsolete telephony systems with a sleek, modern solution. Guestaria turns the requirement for having phones in all rooms into an opportunity to boost sales, by showcasing the hotel`s offers.

Guestaria offers an in-room touch screen device with a gorgeous FullHD display, which livens up any hotel room.

Hotels can use the screen to present offers and services to clients, who can place orders directly from the device. It is a win-win solution, where it is easy for clients to purchase what they need, while it is simple and cost-effective for hotels to drive sales. The screen can also be used for third party advertisements to bring in further revenue.

The device is placed in each room, thereby replacing any unsightly hardware phones. Clients can use the device to place calls as they would with a standard phone. When communicating with the hotel contacts, placing a call is a matter of pressing one button.

Guestaria can also be used to keep track of staff whereabouts and productivity. For example, by using the in-room device, housekeeping can make sure that all rooms have been cleaned up.

Guestaria is a complete solution, including sleek hardware and software, which is easy to use by hotel guests, staff and managers.

Tel: +420 257 895 429

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