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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


SoftBank Robotics Europe

SoftBank Robotics designs and produces interactive humanoid robots. As a worldwide leader in the market, we have deployed more than 25,000 NAO and Pepper robots across 70 countries in various fields, such as retail, travel & hospitality, healthcare, banking & insurance, governmental services, workplaces, education and research. SoftBank Robotics (SoftBank Group) currently represents more than 500 employees, with offices in France, Japan, United States and China.

Embracing the digitalization in hospitality sector, Pepper and NAO create memorable experiences to enhance customer`s interactions with brands, transforming guest journeys and bringing their experience to a new level. By being proactive, expressive, and attractive, our robots stand-out effortlessly from other digital proposals, strengthening your reach to new guests and personalising your services.

Pepper and NAO are already providing a wide range of services for hotels and restaurants, such as receptionist, concierge, menu & spa advisor, brand ambassador, survey conductor, entertainer. Our references comprise hotel groups such as Hilton and Marriot, cruise companies and resorts (Costa Cruises), as well as boutique hotels in Italy, Germany and Luxembourg. Our main restaurant references are Hamazushi (500 robots deployed), Pizza Hut and HMS Host.

Tel: 00 33 177 371 752

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