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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Smart Water Filters Limited

Detergent-Free, Allergy and Environmentally Friendly Washing Solutions.

Smart Water Filters Limited is a UK based company distributing and maintaining an innovative patented water filtration technology that works with your existing washing machines.

Our Award-winning Detergent-Free DIRO® filter system develops and produces ultra-clean water and removes chemical usage from washing processes that traditionally required detergents.

Our technology allows you to:

• Enable a complete detergent-free laundry washing solution
• Protect the health of your employees and residents
• Provide 100% allergy free laundry to your residents
• Reduce your carbon footprint and processing times
• Increase the lifetime of your washing machines and dryers
• Eliminate the need for expensive and harmful detergents and softeners
• Dramatically cut washing and drying costs, by up to 80%
• Remove harsh chemicals and contaminants from our water supply

Our technology has recently received the following major accolades:

• World Wildlife Fund Climate Solver 2017 / Winner
• UNSDSN, Oceans Solutions Report 2017.1 / Featured Product & Company
• Malmo Cleantech City Award 2016 / Winner
• LADAs Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Award`s 2017 `Best new product` / Finalists
• Nordic Cleantech Award 2017 / Listed Top 10

Customer promise:

• Dedicated to reducing your chemical usage and carbon footprint
• Helping you to make an informed choice
• Committed to deliver best products and services
• DIRO® will reduce your service costs and increase appliances lifetime

Installing a DIRO® System is the smart choice to save money and help the environment.

SWF® Smart Water Filters Limited. Registered in England & Wales #10076991

Tel: +441234889743

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