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Saeker Systems Ltd.

Compliance peace of mind for senior managers in respect of health & safety issues is vital for the protection of guests; team members; the financial security of the business and owners and board members with overall responsibility for the business.

In any hospitality business, food safety, fire safety and health and safety need to be effectively managed to minimise the risk of liability claims, prosecutions and damage to reputation - but without placing an unnecessary burden on business and taking the team away from serving guests.

Saeker provide a powerful health and safety management system, designed specifically for hospitality businesses. We help you implement and monitor compliance and best practice without reinventing the wheel or wasting time in avoidable activity.

Protecting your reputation and brand value

In this age of social media and sensationalist news, the huge investment that makes a hospitality brand can be wiped out in a moment. With Saeker, your directors and shareholders can be confident that you have the resources you need, and access to expertise, so teams understand and follow best practice throughout your hospitality business.

Saeker is supporting the owners, directors and managers of over 500 hospitality business, from small independent business to operators of major international brands. Our software and services have been created specifically for hospitality businesses and encapsulate over 20 years of practical health and safety expertise in templates, risk assessment guides, processes and expert support.

Defending yourself against legal action

If a member of the public makes a claim against you, your defence may depend on detailed evidence that dates back months or years. Saeker maintains permanent records of all the risk assessments, checks and remedial action taken by you and your team. Its powerful incident response module ensures all the right questions get asked and appropriate follow-up takes place.

Cutting the cost of compliance

Even in the largest hotel groups, leisure and restaurant businesses, there is no need for health and safety to be complex or time-consuming. Saeker captures years of experience in a system that streamlines and simplifies the necessary checks and activities, while automating reporting and providing management with a simple compliance dashboard.

Our approach

Accessible, flexible online compliance software:
We offer a complete health and safety management system that gives directors an instant overview of their compliance status, while guiding managers and staff through the different activities and checks that need to be carried out at regular intervals. Compatible with a range of devices, from desktop to mobile phone, the ability to undertake tasks and report incidents is instantly available.

The system can be tailored to your requirements and come populated with templated risk assessments, preventative maintenance checklists and tasks along with the functionality to record accidents, incidents and enforcing authority visits alongside real time support to your team.

Competent person support:
With the Saeker team you have a direct line to experts, meeting your statutory requirement for access to a competent person in all areas of health and safety. Every case is handled by an experienced consultant who will provide the answers you need by phone or email.

Incident management:
Everything we do for our clients is designed to minimise health and safety issues. But when an accident happens or a claim is made against you, we are there to help you investigate properly and make your case robustly. We are also adept at finding the root causes of incidents and will help you review practices and tighten up procedures where necessary.

Executive guidance and policies:
Our specialists work with your leadership team and hotel managers to ensure you have robust policies in place, to protect you and your customers. We draw on our own library of government-approved policies which we customise as much or as little as needed to match your operational and business practices.

Saeker Systems can alleviate the burden by providing expertise and means to manage health and safety effectively and efficiently with a straightforward and intuitive online compliance system designed to efficiently ensure that essential obligations are never overlooked, coupled with consultancy services geared to underpinning policies and procedures.

Consultancy services

Auditing and reviewing:
We are proud of our reputation for delivering particularly thorough reviews of our clients` health and safety management and practices. Our forensic approach to audit visits means we dig deeper, uncovering operational and management issues that would otherwise have left you and your customers vulnerable.
Dependent on the size and complexity of your operation, we can schedule audits to meet your business needs ensuring that potential hazards are identified and rectified without issue. The approach to audits reflect our personal touch with a coaching style designed to raise standards.

From accredited health and safety and food safety training to specialist caravan moving and siting training we are equipped to support our clients. We offer bespoke fire marshal training, and are open to tailoring personalised training to your team reflecting your brand standards and policies.

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