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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Qnnect Solutions Limited

The MOBILE APP that ensures you can reach everyone.
Qnnect, with secure messaging and real time chat enables employees to coordinate in real time while they are on the go throughout your business. Allow your staff and managers in reception, cleaning, housekeeping and HR to organize themselves easily and efficiently.


Your employees drive a positive customer experience and guest satisfaction. With Qnnect, you empower your staff with the latest information at their fingertips. You can give and receive real time feedback, securely share relevant information and allow your teams to communicate effectively, increasing employee motivation. Qnnect is your app for internal communication and collaboration, leading to excellent guest service. Make every interaction with a guest a positive one.


One of your guests has a special request, a light bulb needs to be replaced or wi-fi access fixed. Small issues may require substantial effort to result and are critical for guest satisfaction. Qnnect empowers your teams to coordinate and find solutions rapidly. The right information is available and messages securely reach the right person - facility management, room service, kitchen staff, HR or front desk. This reduces response time, increases guest satisfaction and motivates your employees.


When your customers and guests need an answer, time is of the essence. The Qnnect App enables your employees to obtain the necessary information rapidly. Give all of your team this internal social network app to reach out to the relevant colleagues and communicate with secure messaging. Ensuring that they have the right information at the right time, regardless where they work. Qnnect instantly connects all of your teams and lets them collaborate to improve response to all customer needs.


Continuous learning can be engaging and fun! Use the Qnnect App to train and develop your employees with social learning. Increase staff engagement and knowledge through micro learning and short interactive quizzes. Create simple and educational trainings that speed up onboarding of new employees.

Tel: +44 1509 426126

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